The latest from Copeland Interiors - BY CLARE HINDLE

copelandSEPTEMBER 2014 | ISSUE #23 HOME & GARDEN

As a rule we usually find Summer is our quieter time of year, (especially if we have had good werather like we have had). but for some reason this year our summer has been very busy

copelandOCTOBER 2014 | ISSUE #24 HOME & GARDEN

We have just had a great few days out of the shop at our yearly trade exhibition and new product launch. Th is year the event was held in two separate places, ‘Focus’ was held (as always) at Chelsea Harbour where a lot of the interior companies have shown rooms and ‘Decorex’ was held in the grounds of Syon Park in Brentford.

copelandNOVEMBER 2014 | ISSUE #25 HOME & GARDEN

After our exciting trip to focus and decorex we have started to receive all of our new books! It’s just like Christmas when the delivery guys come in bringing parcels which we know are new books, a bit sad to say but we VERY excited!
Let me tell you about some of our favourites…

copelandDECEMBER 2014 | ISSUE #26 HOME & GARDEN

Clare Hindle of Copeland Interiors on St John Street in Bury St Edmunds shares her thoughts on the build up to Christmas.
I can’t believe this year is nearly over!
Why is it when you get older time goes quicker especially when you don’t want it too!